Online Classes Tips and Tricks: Help Your Child Balance Online Classes and Offline Studies

Online Classes Tips and Tricks

The rise of online classes was so explosive and quick that there are still many questions about how these online classes work and what are some online classes tips, as well as the future of online classes in India.

One of the most important questions for parents and students alike is: how does one balance online classes and offline studies? – A question that is essential to the future of online education in India.

In this pandemic, a child needs to spend as much time as they can on online classes and spend time on offline studies to cover the concepts that they could not understand during online classes.

The answer seems almost too simple but, it is the only right answer.

Why should a child spend as much time as possible in online classes?

During this pandemic, the only interaction that students have with their teachers is through the online medium and student-teacher interaction is essential for learning. In this time, the student can ask questions, learn new concepts, take tests and complete all the regular school work as well as tuition work. While offline, the child can do tasks that do not require supervision or interaction, such as, revision and homework, which should take up less educational time than learning and asking doubts.

Will this not affect the student’s health?

A student’s health should be of the utmost concern to the student and the parent. This is where the “as they can” part of “a child needs to spend as much time as they can on online classes and spend time on offline studies to cover the concepts that they could not understand during online classes.” A student should never spend more time than he or she can handle on any kind of class let alone online classes. The moment the child feels a decline in health whether it is mental, physical or social health due to online classes, the amount of time spent on these classes should be reconsidered.

In conclusion, a child should spend as much time as they can in online classes so that they can interact with their teachers and learn. While they should complete all the tasks that could not be completed in the time taken in online classes.

Tips to Maintain Balance Between Online Classes and Offline Studies

  • Make a time table (this one is pretty obvious) – AND STICK TO IT!
  • Make sure you schedule enough free time or “me time” for yourself
  • Alternate between online classes and offline studying – DON’T SCHEDULE TOO MANY ONLINE CLASSES BACK TO BACK
  • Treat your Online Classes Time as sacred – stay focussed, and ignore all other work, tasks, distractions, or activities during your online class (click here to learn how to make the most of your online classes)
  • STAY AWAY FROM SCREENS! – Make it a point to keep aside all screens and online material during your offline study time
  • Remember – ONLINE does not mean effortless
  • Instead of taking loads of different classes for various subjects – try to fit in your Online Tuition Classes schedule in such a way that you manage to do justice to all subjects easily without having to attend online classes at various times and places for different sbjects daily
  • Most importantly – HAVE FUN and LEARN LOADS!

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