CBSE Exams: Enjoy Your Studies!

Say the phrase “CBSE Exams” – look in the mirror – are you as upset as I am when you say that?

Studying and fun are separate beings. There is a time to study and a time to have fun. The two can never overlap. This is the way most students think. This might not be far from the truth but it is definitely not the whole truth.

Studying can be fun.

CBSE Exams: Studying is FUN!

Use These Fun Tricks to Make Studying for CBSE Exams FUN!

Studying to Music:

Studying while listening to music is an art I have perfected over years of trying to get it right. When I first tried it, the sensation of listening to music while studying actually made me look forward to studying but I soon realized that it is a double-edged sword. The music can also be distracting. This is where the choice of music comes in. I recommend movie soundtracks, video game music or if you’re feeling particularly focused on studying, you might be able to listen to some music with lyrics.

Do not however listen to music you have never heard before while studying, the new experience is incredibly distracting.

Teach other people:

This tip comes in handy for students with willing younger siblings. Teaching them your topics in a way they can understand, requires you to break the topic into simpler portions and for you to explain the topic.

Write songs:

During my 7th grade exams, I had pulled off the ultimate nightmare of studying for the wrong subject. I had one bus trip to cram as much French into my tiny brain as I could. I kept tripping over the conjugation of a verb. I kept repeating it in the same tone and rhythm. My bus mates naturally caught on and started joining me in this singing. The melody was so catchy that I managed to keep it in my head till the exam and even passed it.

I hope this blog has helped you look forward to studying rather than dreading it. Do not be worried if these steps distract you at first. Once you learn to focus on the subject while using these tips, they are unbelievably helpful.

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