CBSE Exams: Improve your Grades!

There is no magic method to improve grades in CBSE exams or any other syllabus. If there was, everybody would already be using it. In my time as a student, I’ve heard of students using various guides, different textbooks and on two separate occasions, I’ve been told the secret to good grades is writing with an expensive pen.

Sadly, none of those is the real solution to consistently getting good grades in CBSE exams. The real secret to getting good grades is actually a combination of many steps.

CBSE Exam Tips

Steps to Improve Grades in CBSE Exams

Studying Daily:

To quote Shikamaru from the anime, Naruto: “What a drag”. 

Yes, it might seem like a boring solution to the problem, it is one of the only methods to surely improve grades. It helps to develop the habit of studying, reduces stress during exam time, and most of all, it improves the understanding of a subject. To learn more about the benefits of daily studying, you can read our blog about this topic.

Take a Break:

I can already hear students celebrating at the mention of this point but yes, it is one of the most essential steps in studying. Taking a break allows the topics that the child studied to actually sink into the child’s long term memory and allows students to relax their brains and prepare for the next topic.

Stay Hydrated:

“Remember to drink. Did you remember to drink?” – Max Verstappen

If Max Verstappen can remember to drink water while leading an F1 race, students should be able to remember to drink water while studying.

I’ve heard many students complaining about feeling dizzy or tired while studying. Sometimes this is because they forgot to take a break but it could also happen because they are experiencing dehydration. Studying requires intense focus and mental exertion and the human body requires a lot of hydration when working hard.

These are only some of the steps to improve your marks in the CBSE exams. If none of these work for you, you can always contact AfterMySchool and start your tuition classes with us. We provide daily studying, provide a natural break and our tutors remind students to stay hydrated!

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