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What is the After My School System?
After My School is a new age Education Company. Through a rigorous process of research into learning processes and systems, we have developed tools and processes which identifies gaps in the conceptual understanding of students from Class 1-10 and then sets forth a time bound action plan for bridging those gaps for the child. We have developed tools which accurately measure where the child is lacking in conceptual clarity, and then we develop plans for upgrading the conceptual clarity of the child.
How does the After My School System work?
Our process starts with a 3-day Free Demo Class. In the 3-day Free Demo Class, we take your child through some assessment modules to help us understand where the gaps are in your child. We gain an understanding of the gaps in concepts in your child, and this helps us develop a time-bound action plan for the development of the child.
What happens at the Demo Class?
At the Demo Class, our well-trained tutors spend 90 minutes each day with your child and administer an assessment test. The report of the Assessment test is shared with you, so that you can fully understand and appreciate the gaps in your child’s concepts. We then work out an action plan for the development of the child.
Do I need to pay for the Demo Class?
No. You need not pay us anything for the Demo Classes. We offer this service free of cost to you, so that you can firsthand experience our tools and methodologies, and fully understand, by way of a standardized Assessment Report, the gaps in your child’s conceptual clarity.
Why is it important to understand the Gaps in my child’s conceptual clarity?
For a child to do well academically in his/her present class, and in future classes, it is very important that the concepts that he/she has learnt so far are crystal clear to him/her. Most of the exam stress and poor grades happen because of lack of conceptual clarity. If we can assess the gaps in the conceptual clarity, and then work out an action plan to bridge those gaps through regular After School Work of Homework/Revision/Projects, then the child will develop; and the stresses like pre-exam stress, poor grade stress, unable to cope up stress etc. will go away.
How does After My School take care of regular Homework, Revision and Projects?
The tutor helps the student plan his/her daily After School Work in the ASK (After School worK) diary. The input for the same is taken from the parents, the school diary (if any), student himself/herself, and any carry-forward work from the previous days. The tutor then guides the student to complete the tasks one-by-one, on the basis of prioritization- homework (including revision) first, followed by regular revision of lessons (without homework). Projects related work is planned day-wise and taken up accordingly, along with other tasks.
How are we supposed to use the ASK Diary?
Parents are advised to fill the ASK Diary for the day before the student is sent to the class. As schools send the After School Work related information to parents directly, parents’ supervision in this matter ensures that no work is missed out. <br> In the event of parent being unable to fill the ASK Diary, the tutor will depend on the inputs available with the student when he/she attends the class, like school diary and students’ notes/recollection.
How long is each class?
We have classes each day (Mon to Sat) which last between 60 to 90 minutes per day, depending on the After School Work needed to be completed by the Student. The student is sent back at the completion of ALL the After School Work for a day OR 90 minutes- whichever is EARLIER. In case all the work is not completed in 90 minutes, the tutor will make a note in the ASK diary for the student to finish it at home (if it is needed to be done the same day) or postponed to another day (if there is time available for its completion). The beginning of the class time is the time of the slot chosen by the student and NOT the time that the student has come to the class. In case a student comes late, the time available for After School Work would be reduced by that much time, unless the tutor is able to make exception on a particular day based on the capacity of the next class.
My child is in class I/II/III. She/he is too small to do After School Work on her/his own and will need extra time and attention of the tutor. Will AMS tutor do so?
Younger children are sometimes less attentive and need additional attention of the tutor, but, at the same time, the amount of After School Work needed to be done by them is also lesser. Our tutors are trained to give every child “Just as much as needed assistance” and slowly teach the child to plan their work themselves and to work on the plan they have made.
What is your tutor-student ratio?
The ASK system is not designed for classroom study in a manner- of one teacher teaching a similar group of students in a classroom using a blackboard. It is designed to allow each child to do his/her After School Work independently, and to be able to take help/guidance from the tutor as, and when, needed. So the teacher-student ratio is not really a good measure for this system. However, on an average, one tutor will be handling anywhere between 6 to 10 children at one point in time, depending on the tutor’s convenience and comfort.
Will your center have a caretaker/aayah to take care of the small kids?
No, we do not have any additional help to take care of smaller kids. We are confident that most school-going children are able to take care of themselves and their personal needs on their own, in a one to one and half hour period every day.
What do you do when the child has tests? Do you make the child prepare for the test completely on the previous day? Can/will the child be in your center for longer duration?
The basic premise of the ASK program is that regular studies will lead to less stress during tests/exams, as the revision is being done on the day the lesson is taught. During tests/exams, the student will be made to start the preparation based on a schedule agreed upon by them and the tutor in advance, and the period of time spent in the center will not change. However, it might lead to the student being asked to brush up or revise some work after going back home from the class. A mention of this will be made in the ASK Diary.
What do you do when homework/projects involve browsing and collecting information from internet? Do you have internet facility in your centers? Can my child bring a laptop/tablet/mobile phone to your center?
We do not have any internet facilities at our centers, as it is difficult to monitor a child working on the internet. However, for projects which need assistance from the internet, a schedule is planned in advance with the student and they are encouraged to collect the information needed at home, and get it back in the form of notes or printouts, so that the tutor can guide them with the projects.
When you say you help my child in all subjects, does it include all languages which are part of the curriculum?
All our tutors are capable of handling ALL subjects from Classes 1 to 10 (or the classes for which they take students) apart from the languages. It is not possible for ONE tutor to be able to be able to handle ALL languages which could be the part of the curriculum. So each tutor of ours is capable of handling English and at least ONE other language (either Hindi or Telugu). The same will be informed to you at the time of Registration and you can choose the tutor depending on the knowledge of the tutor and the need of the student. In case of the student having a language in which the tutor is not proficient, the tutor will ensure that Homework, if any, is done in the same, but will not be able to verify it for correctness.
My child wants special attention on specific subjects like Hindi, Mathematics etc. How do you meet this requirement?
Some students, who come to us in the later classes, might already need additional attention in a few subjects because of a lack of understanding of concepts in the initial stages. The expertise of our tutors in specific subjects is highlighted, and you are free to choose a tutor who is an expert in the subject(s) in which the student needs special attention. However, the primary purpose of the ASK program is to complete After School Work in ALL subjects, and, hence, any additional help will only be provided in the time available AFTER the After School Work for the day is over. Based on the feedback received from many parents, After My School is planning to introduce an ASK+ program where a Student can register for an additional class of ASK, and thus have more time available to be able to take additional help in the concepts of a few weak subjects.
Will AMS tutor teach beyond the Board Syllabus for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, Olympiad etc.?
No. However, in case of additional time available, AND the expertise of the tutor in the said subject, some work can be done related to academic work outside the syllabus.
What do you mean by AV aides/classes?
Certain basic concepts are well understood by students with the help of video/audio lessons made to explain or illustrate the concept. AMS is building a library of creative common content which will be used to aid our ASK classes. We are going shortly introducing the same.
Do you provide transportation?
No, there is no provision of transportation to and from the AMS centers. Our aim is to get the ASK classes as close to your home as possible, to enable you to be able to send the student without any need of additional transportation.
What is your assurance about your tutor’s quality?
Our tutors are selected as partners, after a thorough screening for their knowledge, skills & attitude, to help students complete their After School Work in all subjects (promised/published). We continuously monitor and train them in our processes to ensure that they deliver what is promised.
Would the same tutor be teaching my child throughout? What is your policy on this matter?
Though our endeavor is to try and maintain continuity of the tutor for any student, we need to accept that tutors sometime have their own limitations about their stability. While choosing our tutors we try and ensure that short-term stability is taken care of. However, sometimes due to situations outside our or the tutor’s control, they might not be able to continue taking classes at the said location (due to relocation, or any other emergencies). In such cases, AMS would try and ensure a smooth transfer to one of our other centers, which fits in with the requirements of the student.
Can I change the time slot once registered? Can my child come at any time between 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm?
The class times are divided into various slots to ensure a balanced load of students across the times. A slot once chosen cannot be changed during a calendar month. In case of a request for a change of slot, AMS will check for availability of seats in the required slot, and then allocate the same to the student. The beginning of the class time is the time of the slot chosen by the student, and NOT the time that the student has come to the class. In case a student comes late, the time available for After School Work would be reduced by that much time, unless the tutor is able to make exception on a particular day based on the capacity of the next class.
What do you assure about the improvement in my child’s studies? Will his/her grades improve?
The premise of our ASK program is to support a student in doing his/her After School Work as prescribed by the board/school REGULARLY. Regular studies for about an hour/hour and a half EVERYDAY would lead to improvement in student’s studies. The same may impact the student’s grades also positively. The amount of improvement in studies/grades will vary from student to student. There is no assurance about the same.
After attending your class, does my child need to do any work back to home?
Please see answer to FAQ 6
What do you do with respect to projects given by the school?
On the day any project is given by the school, the parent/student is encouraged to inform the tutor about the same. The tutor helps the student make a day-wise plan for the same till the day of submission, and the student enters the same in the ASK diary. The student is expected to carry all the material/aids required for project work to the class to complete the work as per the plan.
If I get delayed in picking up the child, what do you do?
Our policy is that after the time of the class is over, the child will be made to pack his/her bags and sent home with or without an attendant based on your preference. In case, there is a delay in the arrival of the attendant, the child will be made to wait for the person to arrive without disturbing the class. However, children generally get frustrated in such situations, and our request is for you to avoid the same as much as possible.
Should the child carry all books every day?
Yes, the child should ideally carry ALL books related to ALL subjects every day to the ASK Class, as the schedule might involve revision of any subject which the tutor feels is needed.
Do you provide hygienic toilet facilities at your center? Is the water provided by you safe?
A clean washroom and drinking water is provided at our centers. These are the same facilities as used by our Tutors. However, it is advisable for the student to carry his own stock of drinking water every day.
What is the medium of communication in your centers?
By default, it is English. However, depending on the geographies and the comfort of the tutor, he/she might use other languages to communicate with the student in case the student is more comfortable with the same.
My child has a backlog in studies (in a specific subject). How do you deal with the same?
Please see Answer to FAQ 6
My child has bad handwriting. Can you improve the same?
Except in early classes, where handwriting is actually part of the curriculum of a student, it is very difficult to improve the same in the later stages, and our tutors are not trained for the same. However, in case the parent provides any additional material, and during times when After School Work is not there (like vacations etc.) the same can be taken up without any guarantees of results.
Are you tutors available on mobile phone for day-to-day communication?
All our tutors are advised to keep their mobiles in a vibration mode during classes, so that it does not distract them from their primary work, which is of facilitating the After School Work of your child. Though we will be sharing the contact number of the tutor with you for emergencies, you are requested not to use the phone as a mode of communication for routine work. The ASK diary is the ideal tool for that. Please go through FAQ 6 & 7 to understand more details of how to use the ASK Diary.
Does my child get the individual attention?
We work out an action plan which is different for different children. The Tutor knows how each child is to be handled separately and has a customized action plan for each child separately.

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