How Online Tutoring Works

The world wasn’t the only thing that changed in 2020. The start of the coronavirus pandemic also marked the start of a new era of education. In December of 2019, the question: “How to take online classes?” would be fairly pointless. Fast forward a few months to April 2020, and the question is the hottest topic in the educational world, along with the question, “Is online tutoring effective?”.

Well, let’s answer the burning question: How does one take online classes?

Similar to regular tuition, the harsh truth is that there is no all-encompassing solution. There is no magic trick to getting and holding a child’s attention. As the old proverb goes: “Every child is unique”.

So, does this mean there is no way to take online classes?

No, there are still some methods that you can experiment with until you have found what works with your ideology and your students learning style. Once you have found this sweet spot of what is in your comfort zone and your student’s comfort zone, you still have to remain flexible. This is because students are moody beings and their learning style will differ ever so slightly from day-to-day.

What are some of the most important things to keep in mind while taking online tuitions?

While we cannot provide a concrete answer to the question in one blog “How to take online classes?” We can still provide you with a basic understanding of the basic requirements to take online classes.

Online Tutoring and Online Tuition CLasses

  • Keeping the Students’ Attention During Online Tutoring

While taking an online class, you have to be more attention-grabbing and interesting than everything on a child’s device. This seemingly impossible task can be achieved through checking on the child by asking questions related to the topic and making sure the child’s video is switched on

  • All Studying DOES NOT Happen Online

Another problem with online tuitions is within the medium itself. Children now have online school and other online classes to keep them occupied. Meaning, they are on a screen the whole day. This makes it hard for them to actually concentrate during tuitions. The way to remedy this problem is to give some work to do after the class so that the child doesn’t miss out on any practice due to “screen fatigue”.

  • Interacting with Students during Online Tutoring

The online medium has also provided students with an opportunity to avoid human interaction (can you blame them?) by switching off their video and/or audio. This makes it more challenging to interact with even the most sociable children. The way around this problem is to ask questions to the students and also encourage activities like quizzes to initiate competition between students and to create a social environment as well as an educational environment.

These are just some important points to keep in mind while taking online tuitions. An online tutor’s handbook if you will.

To help in answering the question: “How to take online tutoring classes?” 

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