Online Tuition: Make the most of your online classes!

Always be prepared! This is the simple mantra one needs to follow in case of any class, especially online tuition classes and such because it is a new medium for most of us. Preparation for Online Tuition Classes

Tips to Make the Most of Your Online Tuition Classes

  • Keep Your Study Material Handy This way, you don’t need to get up and search where your books are!
  • Keep A Water Bottle, Towel/Tissue Near You So you don’t have to keep getting up in case you are thirsty or need anything.
  • Follow Instructions of The Tutor Following the instructions given by your tutor will help you both make the most of the class and you will not be wasting any time!
  • Login 5 Minutes Before Class Starts This helps you and the tutor get prepared and not waste any time in the log-in process.
  • Sit in A Quiet Room With No Distractions This way you can easily concentrate in class, and you are free of all distractions.
  • Use Your Own Names During Class Using your own names during class helps the tutor know if you can be let into the meeting. if you don’t use your own names, the tutor may not let you in, assuming that you are not part of his/her class!
  • Raise Your Hand Before Asking A Doubt Don’t disturb the ongoing class and interrupt it by speaking out of turn. Raise your hand, wait your turn, all doubts will be clarified!
  • Keep Your Videos On And Mic Off Unless Told Otherwise If your video is on during the class, the tutor knows that you are paying attention in the class. you also need to keep your mic off because there may be some disturbance on your end which may be disturbing or interrupting the class!
  • Don’t Lie Down on The Bed or Sofa During Class Sit at a desk, with your books with you and your stationery. So that you are focused and fresh during class. Sitting on the bed or sofa will make you feel lethargic and you will lose your focus.
 You can watch our video with some more fun tips for your online tuition experience.  To have the best online tuition experience you can join our classes at AfterMySchool!

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