Make a difference in a student's life. Help someone realize their life's dreams. Teaching is a job that not only gives you a sense of gratification, but is also very helpful for your own career as well.

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“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

-Solomon Ortiz

Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world. Whether you are a teacher imparting education in school, or a tutor providing coaching to students independently, you are a person transforming lives. Also, teaching in schools might require longer work hours, but tutoring has flexible hours and timings. Due to this reason, tutoring attracts people from multiple segments, including but not limited to:

  • School teachers.
  • People looking for a change in their career.
  • Housewives.
  • Students pursuing higher education.
  • Elderly people- who have good knowledge of subjects, and want to work for part time, etc.

Becoming a tutor is easy, but attracting students and making their parents believe, is indeed a challenge.

Problems faced by a tutor

  • No time or very less time for attracting students (Marketing of the services).
  • High expectations of parents.
  • No organized system for identifying the weaknesses and the strengths of the student.

How are we solving these problems?

At AfterMySchool, we are trying to solve the problems faced by tutors and parents both.

  • With our system, a parent can easily check and understand what his child is doing.
  • We have a transparent review system, where parents review the performance of tutor partners.
  • With our professionally designed tests, we help our tutor partners in identifying the gaps in your child’s learning so far, which tell them the key areas to focus on, resulting in better performance of the student.
  • Our tutor partners are selected after multiple screenings, during which we check the required knowledge and skill set.
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Flexible hours

After My School allows significantly easier schedule creations since it is just about you and your students. Based on your availability, you can establish session timings that work for you.

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Impressive listing for the resume

Tutoring shows that you are not just educationally driven, but are also able to work with people comfortably and successfully, regarding important matters. This makes a highly respected impression of your resume.

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Emotional and intellectual fulfillment

When tutoring someone, you’re not just showing up and getting a series of tasks done - you are making a difference in a student’s life.

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The pay

After My School recognizes the respectable hard work that you are doing, as well as the impact you are making on the respective students’ futures. Thus we ensure your future remains secured too, with your well-deserved paychecks.

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