AfterMySchool takes complete responsibility for the child’s After School worK (ASK). In our experience we have found that the following classes need to study for the following amount of time:
  • 4th – 7th Class: 1.30 and 2 hrs daily
  • 8th to 10th Class: 2 to 2.30 hrs daily needed
AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:
  • Live Interaction session – 1 hour daily which is fixed
  • Homework completion on own and uploaded on Google Classroom before coming to class
  • Worksheets, Assignments etc given on Google Classroom based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.
  • 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday.

The child will be utilizing that whole one hour. The way our system works, the attention of the tutor will be available to the child whenever he/she needs it.

We do not have morning tuitions as most students have school at that time. Our tuition class slots start at 3 PM and go on till 9 PM.


Demo classes in tuition actually do not serve any purpose – takes ⅔ days for your child and tutor to understand each other and to get comfortable with each other. You will not get any idea of this from a 1-hour demo class.

However, with our experience, we have a specially designed 10 – Day DISCOVER Program instead of a demo class. It promotes the student-tutor interaction for 10 days instead of One. It is a more extensive way of interaction. The student gets to know more about the tutor and how AfterMySchool teaches and the Tutor also gets to know about the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

After My School feels that we can do justice to the following subjects:

  • For classes 4 to 7 – Maths, Science, Social Studies, English & Hindi (currently no regional languages are offered)
  • For classes 8 to 10 – Maths, Science & Social Studies

We believe children learn better when they are allowed to learn together, this is why we do not have one to one class. These classes also promote friendly competition and allow children to have more fun while studying.

However, we have a customizes plan which makes sure that each child gets individual attention as and when we need it

We have classes with a maximum of 5 students of the same class and curriculum at one time.

We conduct many different tests to see whether the child has grasped the topics taught in class. These tests include Chapter Wise Tests, daily worksheets and assignments. They are conducted regularly. We also conduct Concept Evaluation Tests to see the child’s conceptual clarity, this is conducted at the start of the DISCOVER Program.

We use our Zoom sessions to teach or explain new concepts to the child as we believe learning is done better when there is a direct interaction between student and teacher. On the other hand, we use Google Classroom to clear doubts of the student in previously taught concepts and to help the child with their homework.
It is possible to complete the portion before the exams as we follow the school’s syllabus and go at the same pace as the school.

The way to enroll for the 10-day DISCOVER program is:

  • Choose the start date, the program will go on for 10 after that day. (For example, if the program starts on 19th November, it will end on 29th November)
  • Next, you have to fill up the student enrollment form, which will not take long.
  • Our counsellor will suggest the available time slot options for you
  • You can choose the most convenient slot for your child
  • The Payment link will be sent once the slot is decided
  • Our fee is Rs. 500
  • You can pay through Online Payment Gateway, UPI, PayTM wallet etc.

You’re ready!

We use a combination of tools (Highly trained tutors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various subjects and curricula, high-quality assessments, CET, SAP, target marks/grades specified, DISCOVER program, feedback etc.) to assist us in training our students. We treat each child as an individual, based on current conceptual understanding and learning habits we devise a customized plan specifically for the student. AMS works with targets for improvement in marks/grades of the student along with a customized student academic plan and regular feedback. We incorporate all the elements of regular/traditional tuition classes along with elements that are suitable for interactive and efficient learning based on the needs of the student. We have 1-hour classes 6 days a week with live interaction. We use teaching methodologies and techniques developed by our expert academic team that is specifically suited for your child.
At AMS we first understand the needs of the student and expectations of the parents through Concept Evaluation Tests (CETs) based on which we create a customized Student Academic Plan (SAP) in which we specify targetted improvement in marks grades agreed upon by the parents, tutor and student. We track the progress with the help of Monthly Feedback Reports (MFRs) that help the parents and students to understand and analyze the progress and development of the students.
AfterMySchool is a complementary model for learning. The foundational concept of AfterMySchool is that school is doing its best to teach your child but every child needs to develop the daily discipline to keep up to date with school progress. The timing of studying required varies based on the class they are in (4th/5th – 1-1.5 hours, 6th/7th – 15-2 hours and 8/9/10 – 2.5-3.5 hours). AfterMySchool takes complete responsibility for this.

At AMS we use various tools and methods to evaluate students based on their academics. These include:

  • CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) – in English, Maths, and Science which are conducted once the student joins our DISCOVER Program. These tests help evaluate the status of the student’s conceptual clarity
  • CWTs (Chapter-Wise Tests) – these tests are designed by our academic team and conducted by tutors after they cover a chapter to understand and analyze the student’s understanding of the chapter and concepts
  • Assignments/Worksheets – The students are given regular assignments and worksheets to practice what they have learnt and to see how much or how well they have understood what has been taught
From the very beginning of the student’s AMS journey, our team makes sure the parent is involved and notified of all the student’s academic status. We start with an Introductory Meeting with the parents, student, tutor, relationship manager and a member of our academic team. In this meeting, we introduce the student and parents to the tutor and our system and understand the expectations the parents and student have from AMS. At the end of the 10-Day Discover Period, we discuss the child’s progress and compatibility with our tutor and system in a SAPM (Student Academic Plan Meeting). In this meeting, we discuss the Student Academic Plan (SAP) based on the CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) conducted and the 10 days of learning with the tutor. The Student Academic Plan is customized based on the student’s needs and the parents’ expectations with targeted improvement in marks/grades. Once the student joins our monthly ASK Program we share Monthly Feedback Reports with the parents and have feedback meetings with the parents every 15 days to discuss the progress and development of the child. This helps the parents and AMS to always be on the same page when it comes to the academics of the student.
Our learning system and modules are tailor-made and customized specifically based on the student’s requirements. We assure this with the help of CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) and the 10-Day Discover Program to understand the learning style, conceptual clarity, and understanding of the student. Based on this we create a customized Student Academic Plan (SAP) with our expert academic team which includes targeted improvement in marks/grades. This helps us make sure each student experiences the learning journey that is perfect for them based on their specific requirements.
We work with all subjects keeping in mind certain focus subjects as per the student’s needs. The focus subjects are identified and agreed upon with the parents and the tutor focuses on these subjects along with the general revision of all other subjects as well.
AMS keeps in line with the schoolwork and syllabus of the child. We use Google Classroom to stay up-to-date on the student’s schoolwork. The tutors are well trained to deal with the syllabus and have access to all textbooks of various syllabi.
We have a maximum of 5 students in a slot of the same class and board. We believe that students learning together is far more beneficial for the child as it develops a sense of friendly competition and encouragement to do well and learn from one another.
Yes, we believe it is important for children to practice what they learn every day. The practice is a very important part of the learning process of any child, even after a concept has been understood it needs to be learnt through practice. AfterMySchool regularly ensures that the child keeps up to date with their practice through our non-interactive classes. The child keeps practicing what is being taught through worksheets and assignments given on Google Classroom. Another important aspect of the AMS system is that we focus a lot on written work vis-a-vis typing out answers online this ensures that the students are familiar with the task of writing answers by hand for their examinations/tests, these assignments are very important for the student to develop the ability/skill of being able to express their understanding of concepts through the written word and are a key skill/ability needed for performing in exams/tests. We also use scientifically designed assessments to assess/ascertain the conceptual understanding taught during the week.
The schedule for the exams is separate, it depends on the child’s exam dates and the effort needed for the child to write the exam.
Google Classroom allows the child to stay in contact with the tutor throughout the day, they can send pictures, documents, links and messages through this medium and will get replies from tutors in short time spans.


Our organization originates in Hyderabad but our tutors are from all over the country and our students as well.
We require the details of the parents so that we have their contact information in order to send class links, share details of meetings and in case of queries.
Our entire team has started working online due to the ongoing pandemic and that is why we do not have any physical offices but we do have staff members from all over the country helping us work to provide the best education for your child.


We will let you know who the tutor is after you have signed up for our DISCOVER program and have started your introductory session. We choose a tutor for your child based on your preferences and specifications.
Our tutors are selected from a large pool of applications. These tutors are then put through a screening process involving a written test, a demo class and an interview. Once selected they are put through a rigorous induction process. They are also observed during an apprentice phase before they are given a live center.
We generally do not hire school teachers as tutors as they have learnt to teach subjects through the system that is adopted by schools and it is hard for them to learn the difference between school classes and tuition.
The role of our tutors is like that of an academic guide. Since it is not humanly possible for anyone to be an expert on all subjects, we train our tutors to be a perfect guide to your child in all subjects and not just teach subjects on a blackboard. The skill we are looking for is to understand concepts in all subjects and to be able to explain it in a manner that doesn’t require expert knowledge.
We have extra Hindi classes for students who have problems learning the subject but we are able to provide other regional language tuitions yet. These classes are taken by expert Hindi tutors who have trained for a long time.


Our Fee is Rs. 1500 for Math, Science, Social Science and English, as well as Hindi once a week, special class, all classes from 4th to 10th and in the following syllabi CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

With our experience, we have realized that a lot of parents who came looking for us for only one subject, eventually they realize the gaps in their child’s learning in other subjects and if the child is going to different places for different subjects, he is likely to get confused.

We do not provide tuition for only one subject, every child has a chance to learn every subject. We feel focussing on one subject (like Mathematics, for example), the child loses practice of the other subjects, this is why we require all students to revise, learn and practice all subjects.

To register the child’s academic and administrative details in our system, we charge a nominal registration fee of Rs. 250 per student. This fee is paid once in the lifecycle of the student with AMS. This fee covers the basic overheads (which includes things like server maintenance and Google Classroom fee) to maintain the student record in our system so that your child can have a smooth and seamless experience in his After School worK (ASK) with AMS.
HyperLink of fee structure. Apart from this, there is no fee.
We collect through UPI (Google Pay, BHIM, Phone Pe, PayTM UPI), PayTM Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card.
Fee payment is done at the start of the month, there is no other payment until the next month.