No. AfterMySchool does not specifically prepare your child for any competitive exams. However, most competitive exams are based on NCERT curriculum and as such, if your child is up to date with the concepts of his class, he/she will be able to do well in all competitive examinations.
Yes, we do. For primary classes, projects are considered as school homework and, therefore, guidance to do the same is provided by AfterMySchool tutors. However, the implementation (actual work) needs to be done by the student (with the help of the parent, if needed).
No. AfterMySchool does not provide any study material or notes to a student. As per our research we have learnt that children should be encouraged to make their own notes and study material as it helps with the learning process. AfterMySchool guides the student to use the material which already exists with the student, either from the textbook or the material given by school. However, we do use specially designed teaching material to teach students in the classroom which makes learning of concepts easy for your child.
The foundation of English is laid in students mainly in primary school (Grades 3-5) as most subjects need the basic understanding of English to learn. We also follow the same system. English – both spoken and written – is given a high priority during the primary classes and it reduces in middle school (Grades 6-8). In high school, we do not take up English as a subject because we feel the time available needs to be spent primarily on the main three subjects. However, in our classes, students are encouraged to speak and write in English extensively. When done on a daily basis, the student will automatically improve in the spoken and written aspects of the English Language.

Yes, at AfterMySchool we have an Exam Preparation Model to address the FINAL EXAMS of students. By understanding the areas in which the students will need additional help and concept clarity ( during the 10 day DISCOVER program )and discussing and agreeing with you on a customized Student Exam Prep Plan we implement the plan daily during exam season through or specialized portal through:

  • Daily Practice worksheets
  • Model Exam Papers
  • Pro Exam Tips
  • Continuous Revision & Concept Clarity
  • Mock Exams

In this manner, AfterMySchool reviews and alters the revision plan which is already in place to accommodate the examination preparation. The same is done keeping in mind the needs of all students in the class.

One of our main objectives is to take away the responsibility of planning for your child’s study. From our extensive research, we have come up with an academic planning process that maximizes the learning of your child based on our understanding of their needs. The plan incorporates what is taught, when is it taught and how is it taught. We share this plan with you on a regular basis and explain the relevance of it to you.
AfterMySchool feels that the best time to work on conceptual gaps in your child is when they are not learning new concepts everyday at school. So children and parents are encouraged to attend classes even during vacations (except for the days they might not be in town) to help us on bridging the gaps in their concepts. We also feel that maintaining a discipline of a couple of hours of daily study even during vacations is good for children to be prepared when school reopens.
Students are assessed on a regular basis through CHAPTER-WISE TESTS, QUIZZES and other ASSESSMENTS. Practice worksheets are shared daily with the students to apply and assess their understanding of the concept taught that day.
Language learning is a slow process which needs lot of practice (speaking/listening and writing). Currently, 6 to 8 hours of class time, every week, is not sufficient to handle the same. However AfterMySchool may launch separate language classes in the near future.
It depends on the grade of the student. For primary grades, AfterMySchool follows the school as closely as possible so that the homework, test preparation etc. is done on a regular basis. For middle and secondary grades, AfterMySchool draws up a plan which thoroughly covers their entire syllabus. However, here too, the attempt is to match as much as possible with the school.
Yes, for primary grades. For middle school and high school, the student is expected to complete his homework before AfterMySchool class and ask doubts, if any, during the class with respect to the same.
Instant results in any endeavour are impossible, especially if you want good long lasting results – then one has to be patient. It takes couple of months for the student to adjust to the routine of concept based learning of AfterMySchool especially if the child is used to learning by rote. The improvement in the report card will definitely be visible after 4 to 6 months. Regularity of attendance is critical for any improvement in the results. We definitely have seen immediate improvement with some students who have attended classes regularly and followed our system precisely.

AfterMySchool takes complete responsibility for the child’s After School worK (ASK). In our experience we have found that the following classes need to study for the following amount of time:

  • 3rd – 5th grade: 1.00 and 1.30 hours daily
  • 6th – 8th grade – 1.30 to 2.00 hours daily
  • 9th & 10th Class: 2.30 to 3.00 hours daily needed

AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:

  • Live Interaction session – 1 hour for a fixed time daily

Homework completion on own and uploaded on AfterMySchool App before coming to class
Worksheets, Assignments etc given on the AfterMySchool App based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.

At AfterMySchool, we handle the following subjects for various classes

  • 3rd – 8th grade – Maths, Science, Social Studies, English
  • 9th & 10th grade – Maths, Science & Social Studies

This has been decided based on the time we have with the child every day and also the different needs of each level of schooling as per the curriculum and our own research.

We conduct many different tests to see whether the child has grasped the topics taught in class. These tests include Chapter Wise Tests, daily worksheets and assignments. They are conducted regularly. We also conduct Concept Evaluation Tests to see the child’s conceptual clarity. This is conducted for the first time when your child joins AfterMySchool and then at the beginning of each academic year.
If your child joins at the beginning of the academic year, our academic plan is designed to complete the entire syllabus. In fact, we will have ample time to even revise the entire syllabus before the term end exams. However, if your child has joined in the middle of the term, we try to make a plan which completes the syllabus in the best possible manner. In such cases, AfterMySchool may request parents’ support in completing the syllabus if the duration is very short.
AfterMySchool uses a combination of tools (Highly trained tutors, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various subjects and curricula, high-quality assessments, CET, SAP, target marks/grades specified, DISCOVER program, feedback etc.) to assist us in teaching our students. We treat each child as an individual, based on current conceptual understanding and learning habits we devise a customized plan specifically for the student. AfterMySchool works with targets for improvement in marks/grades of the student along with a customised student academic plan and regular feedback. We incorporate all the elements of regular/traditional tuition classes along with elements that are suitable for interactive and efficient learning based on the needs of the student. We have 1-hour classes 6 days a week with live interaction. We use teaching methodologies and techniques developed by our expert academic team that is specifically suited for your child.

AfterMySchool is a complementary model for learning. The foundational concept of AfterMySchool is that school is doing its best to teach your child but every child needs to develop the daily discipline to keep up to date with school progress. The timing of studying required varies based on the class they are in

  • 3rd – 5th grade: 1.00 and 1.30 hours daily
  • 6th – 8th grade – 1.30 to 2.00 hours daily
  • 9th & 10th Class: 2.30 to 3.00 hours daily needed

AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:

  • Live Interaction session – 1 hour for a fixed time daily

Homework completion on own and uploaded on AfterMySchool App before coming to class
Worksheets, Assignments etc given on the AfterMySchool App based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.

At AfterMySchool we use various tools and methods to evaluate students based on their academics. These include:

  • CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) – in English, Maths, and Science which are conducted once the student joins our DISCOVER Program. These tests help evaluate the status of the student’s conceptual clarity
  • CWTs (Chapter-Wise Tests) – these tests are designed by our academic team and conducted by tutors after they cover a chapter to understand and analyze the student’s understanding of the chapter and concepts
  • Assignments/Worksheets – The students are given regular assignments and worksheets to practice what they have learnt and to see how much or how well they have understood what has been taught.

Our learning system and modules are tailor-made and customized specifically based on the student’s requirements. We assure this with the help of CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) and the Discover Program to understand the learning style, conceptual clarity, and understanding of the student. Based on this, we create a customized Student Academic Plan (SAP) with our expert academic team which includes targeted improvement in marks/grades. This helps us make sure each student experiences the learning journey that is perfect for them based on their specific requirements.

Our research suggests that most children learn better in small homogenous groups, rather than studying alone. However, based on our analysis after the DISCOVER program, we work identify certain focus subjects as per your child’s needs. The focus subjects are identified and agreed upon with you and the tutor focuses on these subjects along with the general revision of all other subjects as well. The mode of teaching is highly interactive, which encourages all children to derive answers on their own instead of being spoon fed. This leads to a better conceptual clarity and hence, better marks.

AfterMySchool keeps in line with the schoolwork and syllabus of the child. The lessons are taught with focus on the concepts of a lesson without aligning to any particular text book.
Yes, we believe it is important for children to practice what they learn every day. The practice is a very important part of the learning process of any child, even after a concept has been understood it needs to be learnt through practice. AfterMySchool ensures that the child learns to apply and practice the concepts that are taught in class in order to perfect them through practice sheets and assignments. Another important aspect of the AfterMySchool system is that we focus a lot on written work vis-a-vis typing out answers online. This ensures that the students are familiar with the task of writing answers by hand for their examinations/tests. These assignments are very important for the student to develop the ability/skill of being able to express their understanding of concepts through the written word and are a key skill/ability needed for performing in exams/tests. We also use scientifically designed assessments to assess/ascertain the conceptual understanding taught during the week.
With our experience, we have realized that a lot of parents who came looking for us for only one or subjects, will eventually realize the gaps in their child’s learning in other subjects also, if your child is going to different places for different subjects, he/she is likely to get confused. We do not provide tuition for only one subject, we believe that the 4 core subjects should be taught and revised regularly to keep up with one’s academics and . We feel, by focusing on one subject (like Mathematics, for example), the child loses practice of the other subjects; this is why we require all students to revise, learn and practice all subjects.
AfterMySchool engages all students with appropriate and adequate attention paid to the studies of each student based on their needs. With the help of time tables, assignments, practice sheets and other tools we ensure each child receives the exact amount of attention they need.
Most online tuitions available currently, have a very high focus on recorded content and are not interactive. They might be ideal only for children who are very motivated to study and are willing to spend time without supervision and interaction on their own. It also assumes that children will not be distracted by other entertainment which is available on the internet. As per our research, we have learnt that at these ages (classes 3-10), they definitely need human intervention – in the form of mentoring, guiding and monitoring – to be regular with their studies. Our service uses online tools to support the effective delivery of tutoring. Our system is not tutor dependent and so no matter the contingency the child’s education will never suffer.
The Student Academic Plan made at the time of admission primarily focuses on the chapters which are remaining to be taught in the curriculum. We do clarify doubts of previous chapters and ensure there are no concept gaps. Apart from this, separate concept classes which are done every week are utilized to cover the concepts which the child has missed.

Any student who joins a center where few students are already there (and some chapters have been covered) is given support in the following manner:

  1. The student will join the class with the current group and attend the classes of the chapter which is running.
  2. The tutor will try to do a quick revision of only those previous chapters which are related to the current/future chapters by either
    1. teaching during the practice time of live class or on Saturdays or
    2. if possible, ask the new student to come in another slot of the same tutor for few days where those previous chapter is being taught.

AMS follows the methodology of small group teaching and individualized learning. The tutor constantly engages with students to understand what chapters are being taught in the school of each child. On the basis of the same, the tutor makes a plan for each week to match the chapters with the school lessons to the extent possible with the majority of students.

As most schools follow the sequence of chapters as per the guidelines of the Education boards, the above is possible to a large extent.

Students benefit the maximum if they are regular to AMS classes. However, if a student is absent for a few days due to unavoidable circumstances, the student is given support in the following manner.

  1. Student is given guidance to do self-study of the portion missed out
  2. Additional practice exercises and doubt clarification for the same is done wherever possible.
  3. If time permits, the tutor will try to revise the important lessons missed by the child either during practice time of live class or on Saturdays.


Alternate forms of education follow very different methods of teaching if it does not match the process we follow the student will be confused and won’t be able to understand which will lead to further gaps. This is one of the main reasons as to why we cannot complement alternate forms of education as our system is designed to deal with basic academics.
Students are required to complete and upload their homework before the Live Interaction class so that the tutor can correct it and address the doubts and corrections in class.

AMS takes complete responsibility of your child’s after school work which happens for more than one hour.

As per our research, the timing of studying required varies based on the class they are in

  • 3rd – 5th grade: 1.00 and 1.30 hours daily
  • 6th – 8th grade – 1.30 to 2.00 hours daily
  • 9th & 10th Class: 2.30 to 3.00 hours daily needed

AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:

  • Live Interaction session – 1 hour for a fixed time daily

Homework completion on own and uploaded on AfterMySchool App before coming to class.

Worksheets, Assignments etc given on the AfterMySchool App based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.

For the Live Interaction Class, if we have the support from you and your child, you will realise that the one hour can be more than enough since AfterMySchool puts together a very productive plan for every minute of the time spent by the child in class. More than one hour might lead to child not being able to focus or losing interest in studies. The one hour of interactive class is for learning and clearing doubts.

Our tutors have been trained with class management skills. They have been taught how to be aware of every child’s behaviour, mood and interest. They accordingly react to the child’s need to help the child focus. We insist on videos being turned on which helps the tutor observe the students mood and interest depending on expression and orientation in the eyes. Members of the academic team also join classes to observe and ensure discipline. Of course, since it is an online class support from parent is required for good network, punctuality and regularity of student.
In such cases it helps that the AfterMySchool team is notified of the absence, so we can arrange for the child to join another class. Either way, we ensure that the missed concepts are covered and revised so that the child’s academics are up to date.
It is extremely important for the video to be switched on during class. It helps the tutor to analyse the students’ mood, interest and comprehension level of the child. Also, it helps tutor to maintain the discipline in class and gauge their understanding.
We believe children learn better when they are allowed to learn together, this is why we do not have one to one class. These classes also promote friendly competition and allow children to have more fun while studying. However, we have a customized plan which makes sure that each child gets individual attention as and when they need it.
In any AfterMySchool class there will be a maximum of 5 students. We ensure that it is a homogenous group – they will all be from the same class, same curriculum and will have similar learning styles. This promotes friendly competition and interactive classes while simultaneously maintaining an individual experience for each student.
We use our Live Interactive sessions to teach or explain new concepts to the child as we believe learning is done better when there is a direct interaction between student and teacher. On the other hand, we use assignments to provide practice to your child in newly taught topics. The AfterMySchool app is also used to clear doubts of your child in previously taught concepts and to help your child with their homework.
The schedule for the exams is made separately; it depends on the child’s exam dates and the effort needed for the child to write the exam.
The AfterMySchool App allows your child to stay in contact with the tutor throughout the day. They can send pictures, documents, links and messages through this medium and will get replies from tutors in short time spans. That way both – the tutor and your child – can work at their convenience and flexibility.
We have a MAXIMUM of 5 Students in a batch at a time. They are all from the SAME CLASS AND SAME SYLLABUS. We believe that students LEARN BETTER IN A SMALL GROUP rather than one on one. This is because they LEARN FROM ONE ANOTHER – when one child asks a doubt the other child who may not have asked it or thought of it – even his/her doubt gets cleared. Some children are shy and don’t ask many questions – a small group of students who are going through the same thing helps them as well – when other students ask questions even their questions are answered and so on. This encourages a MORE INTERACTIVE AND ENGAGING CLASS which helps the children focus and learn better. We don’t have more than 5 children at a time because in this way the tutor manages to give each child the amount of ATTENTION THEY NEED as well as have an INTERACTIVE CLASS. This helps the student’s journey with After My School remain customised and unique.

AfterMySchool takes complete responsibility of your child’s after school work which happens for more than one hour.

As per our research, the timing of studying required varies based on the class they are in:

  • 3rd – 5th grade: 1.00 and 1.30 hours daily
  • 6th – 8th grade : 1.30 to 2.00 hours daily
  • 9th & 10th Class: 2.30 to 3.00 hours daily

AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:

  • Live Interaction session – 1 hour for a fixed time daily

Homework completion by the student and uploaded on AfterMySchool App before coming to class.

Worksheets, Assignments etc given on the AfterMySchool App based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.

For the Live Interaction Class, if we have the support from you and your child, you will realise that the one hour can be more than enough since AfterMySchool puts together a very productive plan for every minute of the time spent by the child in class. More than one hour might lead to child not being able to focus or losing interest in studies. The one hour of interactive class is for learning and clearing doubts.

Not all subjects are taught everyday in the live interaction class. There is a timetable followed for each center which is made based on the needs of the students of that particular class.

The advantage of taking online classes is the support system for your child’s studies and academics along with practice material and constant guidance. Not to mention the other benefits such as: flexibility of time, flexibility of place, access to tutors from all over the country, comfort of home, safety of the student and tutor among many others. It is a far more organised and structured form of both learning and studying. It makes your child an independent learner and confident since they meet other students from different parts of the country. On an online class the students get to meet other students from different cities and countries and they are exposed to different kinds of learning and studying cultures which helps them learn from one another and become far more efficient learners.


AfterMySchool feels that a laptop or a desktop PC is the best device suited for your child to attend online classes daily as it gives a wider screen for your child to work on.

However, we also have a mobile app for our phone (both Android and iOS) which is very conducive for the child to work on.


Demo classes in tuition actually do not serve any purpose – It will take 2 to 3 days for your child and tutor to understand each other and to get comfortable with each other. You will not get any idea of this from a 1-hour demo class. However, with our experience, we have a specially designed 6 – Day DISCOVER Program instead of a demo class. It promotes the student-tutor interaction for 6 days instead of one. It is a more extensive way of interaction. You and your child will get to know more about the AfterMySchool system and AfterMySchool also gets to know where you child stands, what their conceptual gaps are and what kind of a learning style is more suitable for your child. That helps us in making a proper plan for the development of your child and to allocate the ideal Tutor/Center to your child.

The simplest way to enroll for the 6-day DISCOVER program is as follows:

  • Choose the start date, the program will go on for one calendar week (including Sunday) after that day – for example, if you start on a Tuesday, the program will end on the next Monday.
  • Choose a suitable time slot for the Live Interaction Class of your child – this should be a time when they are free everyday for at least an hour.
  • Fill up the registration form – the link for which will be sent by the AfterMySchool counsellor to you.
  • The Payment link will be sent once the form is filled
  • Complete the payment – through your preferred payment method

You’re ready!

AfterMySchool does not have demo classes because:

  1. Our system is rather unique and a demo class does not do justice to it – that is why we have designed a program of 6 DAYS which is only Rs. 500 – to understand our system properly
  2. Just from one or two classes the child and parents can’t get accustomed to the system and the tutor and academic team don’t get a chance to understand your child’s needs either

If you would like though – we record all our classes for the purposes of quality control – We can share some videos with you so you can have a look and see how our classes work.


We collect fees through UPI (Google Pay, BHIM, Phone Pe, and PayTM UPI), PayTM Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, and bank transactions.
Fee payment is done at the start of the month; there is no other payment until the next month.
There is a cost to register the child’s academic and administrative details in our database. Towards this, we charge a nominal registration fee of Rs. 250 per student. This fee is paid once in the lifecycle of the student with AMS. This fee covers the basic overheads (which includes things like server maintenance and App development) to maintain the student record in our system so that your child can have a smooth and seamless experience in his After School worK (ASK) with AfterMySchool.
This is the AfterMySchool system. To allow any student into our live classes, we have to process the admission. We take advance payment because we cannot share the details of our classes and give Zoom access to people who have not paid, for the safety of our students and tutors. Our classes are very secure and the same link is used daily for classes. This would compromise the integrity of our classes and the security of the children. We have had issues before in which some miscreants have taken advantage of our system.
No, our pricing is totally transparent and is visible to everyone on our website.


You can read more about the people behind AfterMySchool by clicking on this link – Our corporate office is in Hyderabad but our tutors and students are from all over India and quite a few from outside India in countries with CBSE schooling system (like Middle East and Singapore).


One of the many advantages of AfterMySchool is that the AfterMySchool system is responsible for your child’s planning and records and it is not dependent on any particular tutor. If at any time, you want to change the time slot of your child, you can get in touch with your relationship manager, and we will surely arrange a smooth and seamless transition to another time slot without any impact on your child’s studies.

There are many ways in which you can keep track on the progress of your child’s studies in AfterMySchool

  1. AfterMySchool Parent App – Here you will have updates of your child’s timetable, assignments, progress in assignments and all the work done daily in the class by your child.
  2. Periodic Feed Back reports – Apart from the App, we also provide a summary of your child’s progress from time to time though email as well as the app
  3. And if you want to meet and discuss the progress of your child, you can call your relationship manager and they will ensure that you have a meeting with the academic team and the tutor to discuss any matter which is of interest to you.
AfterMySchool uses common teaching material for all concepts. Apart from this, we have access to the NCERT books recommended by the CBSE board for all the classes. However some schools still use textbooks from various other publishers. It is impossible for AfterMySchool to get copies of all such text books followed by various schools. That is why, in such cases, we expect you to help your child share the soft copy of text books. This helps the tutor to refer to the textbooks as and when needed.

AfterMySchool expects your support in the following areas

  1. Providing your child with a good broadband internet connection at home
  2. Making sure your child follows on discipline of punctuality, regularity and keeping the video on.
  3. Making sure your child uploads his/her work
  4. Giving information and material given by schools pertaining exams
From the very beginning of the student’s AfterMySchool journey, our team makes sure that the parent is involved and notified of the academic status. We start with a Welcome Call with the parent which is initiated by our dedicated Relationship Manager. In this call, we talk to you about the details of our program and the upcoming classes and understand the expectations that you have from AfterMySchool. The Relationship Manager will also ensure that your child is introduced and is comfortable in the first day of their class. At the end of the 6-Day Discover Period, we discuss the child’s needs and our plan for the same with the ideally chosen tutor in a SAPM (Student Academic Plan Meeting). In this meeting, we discuss the Student Academic Plan (SAP) based on the CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) conducted and the 6 days of learning and observations by AfterMySchool. The Student Academic Plan is customized based on your child’s needs and your expectations with targeted improvement in marks/grades. Once your child joins our monthly ASK Program we share Monthly Feedback Reports with you and have feedback meetings with you when needed to discuss the progress and development of your child. This helps the parents and AfterMySchool to always be on the same page when it comes to the academics of the student.
We require the details of the parents so that we have their contact information in order to send class links, share details of meetings and in case of queries.


We do not provide the number of the tutors because:

  1. AfterMySchool’s job is to provide tuition classes for your child, regardless of which tutor. That is why it is important for AfterMySchool to be informed directly about any concerns or expectations of the student. Also, this means that we will have a complete feedback of the child’s performance.
  2. The child’s comfort and safety is the responsibility of AfterMySchool, so we recommend that children and tutors not exchange numbers.
One of the biggest advantages AfterMySchool provides you and your child in a tutoring scenario is that your child’s education is not dependent on any individual tutor. Though, AfterMySchool tries it’s best to get committed tutors who will be able to commit one academic year to us, it is not possible to guarantee the longevity of a tutor. Tutors, after all, are human beings and human beings are prone to emergencies and changes in plans. So, though, it is rare that a tutor will change in the middle of an academic year, AfterMySchool is fully prepared to make sure that any such change does not affect your child’s education. AfterMySchool maintains all the records of the progress of your child and we ensure that the handing over from the current tutor to the new tutor is smooth and seamless for your child.
All our tutors are graduates or post graduates who have a penchant for teaching. They undergo a thorough screening, testing and interview process before we start off on their training program. AfterMySchool has a specific training program for tutors for Online Education. Along with this, our academic mentors are always readily available to guide and help the tutors in order to ensure the very best education for your child.
We have trained tutors and the efficiency of catering to your child’s needs is standardised due to the systems and materials provided by AfterMySchool. Our systems help maintain the uniformity of teaching methods.
Depending on how much the child has missed a new plan will be made for the child to cover up the concepts missed and the same will be handed over to the tutor and overseen by the academic mentors.

In the 6 Day DISCOVER program, AfterMySchool gets a better understanding of your child’s needs with respect to the following:

  1. Gaps in conceptual understanding
  2. Learning Style of the child

Once we get a clear understanding of these, we:

  1. Choose the ideal tutor/center combination which matches with the learning style of your child. The tutor of this center will be specially trained to handle children of this particular grade with the similar learning styles. All the other students of this center (maximum 4 more apart from your child) will have similar learning styles as your child so that they can complement each other
  2. Prepare an Academic Plan which helps us optimise the learning of the child and make the most of our classes with help of a custom made plan
Our tutors are selected from a large pool of applications. These tutors are then put through a screening process involving aptitude tests, demo classes, interviews, induction programs, training and apprenticing. This process takes at least a month for each tutor. At every stage the tutors are tested and evaluated for their performance before they are handed over a center to run. This is how AfterMySchool is able to ensure a uniform quality of tutoring in all our centers. Once you have handed over your child to AfterMySchool, you can be at peace. AfterMySchool will act like an Academic Parent to your child and ensure that they get the best attention from the best possible tutors.
The role of our tutors is like that of an academic mentor. Since it is not humanly possible for anyone to be an expert on all subjects, we train our tutors to be a perfect guide to your child in all subjects and not just teach subjects on a blackboard. The skill we are looking for are to understand concepts in all subjects and to be able to explain it in a manner that doesn’t require expert knowledge. Apart from this AfterMySchool provides the tutors with all the teaching tools required (like training, whiteboard, tutoring guides, teaching materials etc. to be used in class) to make their teaching effective in all subjects. All these materials are designed by Subject Matter Experts with vast teaching and tutoring experience in each subject.
The whole point of tuition classes is to fill in the gaps left by the school. As per our research traditional school teachers do not make great tutors as the two fields are quite different. We generally do not hire school teachers as tutors as they have learnt to teach subjects through the system that is adopted by schools and it is hard for them to learn the difference between school classes and tuition.