Social Studies

Class 9 Social Studies (for CBSE & State Board)

How AMS Teaches Class 9 Social Studies

Highly trained tutors for Class 9 Social Studies use tools like comprehensive worksheets, and study material such as live quizzes, daily revision, assignments, tests and tuition to help keep students of Class 9 sharp, alert and attentive covering boards such as CBSE and State Board. This also helps them understand social concepts with ease and do well in their exams as well. From Class 9 all students read history as a component of Social Sciences. Social Sciences is an integral component of general education up to the secondary stage of school education. Its study is crucial as it helps young learners to understand the society and the world in which they live, and view the socio-economic developments and changes in the context of time and space and also in relation to each other.

Chapters we Cover in Class 9 Social Studies

  1. History
    • French Revolution
    • Russian Revolution
    • Rise of Nazism
    • Pastoralists in the Modern World
    • Forest Society, & Colonialism
    • Farmers & Peasants
    • Sports & Politics – The Story of Cricket
    • Clothes & Cultures
  2. Geography
    • India
    • Climate
    • Drainage
    • Natural Vegetation
    • Population
  3. Political Science
    • Democracy in the Contemporary World
    • What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
    • Designing of Democracy in India
    • Electoral Politics in Democracy
    • Institutions of Parliamentary Democracy
    • Citizens’ Rights in Democracy
  4. Economics
    • The Economic Story of Palampore
    • People as Resource
    • Poverty as a Challenge Facing India
    • Food Security

Why AMS Online Tuition for Class 9 Social Studies

After My School works with highly trained tutors equipped to help students with daily tuition, revision, homework and exam preparation in Social for all syllabi (CBSE, ICSE, SSC) for class 9. With the help of leading experts in the field After My School has developed standardised teaching methodologies to make sure our students receive the best possible After School worK (ASK) assistance with Social for class 9.

For more information please call us: 9177008888.

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Poshika Juneja

Name of student: Poshika Juneja

– Class: 8

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonia Juneja

– City of Stay: Panchkula

AMS online tuition is very helpful! The concept of evaluation and test to assess the child’s gaps in the concepts of each subject and gave me an accurate record of my child progress. My child has shown improvement in all subjects. AMS is helping my child to complete all the after-school work and clarify all her doubts. I  am very happy with the performance of my child!

Poshika Juneja

Vanshika Khandelwal

Name of student: Vanshika Khandelwal

– Class: 5

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonika Khandelwal

– City of Stay: Dahod

AMS is providing safe classes for kids along with the preparation for exams. This is a very nice and impressive class! 

Vanshika Khandelwal

Archit Bajpai

Name -Archit Bajpai.             


Parent’s name- Mrs. Anshu Bajpai.        

City- Mumbai          

AfterMySchool is a second home for my child. The tutor is very kind, lovely and cooperative with all students. All organization members are very punctual and sincere. Teaching methods are very supportive and efficient!

Archit Bajpai

Nikunj Rathi

Name of Student: Nikunj Rathi

Class: 10th 

Parents’ Names: Mr. Ghanshyam Das Rathi & Mrs. Rupa Rathi

Place of Stay: Hyderabad

Nikunj has been a part of AfterMySchool for 5 months now and we have seen an improvement in his grades all because of AMS!

Nikunj Rathi

Nami & Namith Biju

Name of students – Nami & Namith Biju

Class: 4 & 7

Parents’ Name- Mrs. Smruthi Biju

City of Stay- Bangalore

After AMS my childrens’ interaction in class has improved a lot. Their conceptual analysis skills have improved as well!

Nami & Namith Biju