Online Tuition for Class 6 at After My School

After My School, promises to take the COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY of your child’s After School worK (ASK) by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance and exam preparation for class 6. We have a 10 day DISCOVER program to help you and your children understand and get accustomed with how After My School works. At the end of the DISCOVER program we create a Student Academic Plan (SAP) with target marks/grades clearly specified and agreed upon with the parents for class 6 students.

Why Class 6 Students Need Online Tuition

Class 6 is a transition period for students when it comes to the syllabus and school work. After My School helps to make this transition smooth and easy by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance and exam preparation for class 6. Online classes for class 6 students have a lot of benefits which include flexibility of time and place, monitoring of classes, quality control, easy access to study material and assignments, and increased tutor-student one on one interaction among other things.

Subjects Covered for Class 6 in AMS Online Tuition

Why you should pick AMS Online Tuition for Class 6

After My School works with highly trained tutors equipped to help class 6 students with daily tuition, revision, homework, and exam preparation in all subjects for all syllabi (CBSE, ICSE, SSC). With the help of leading experts in the field After My School has developed standardised teaching methodologies to make sure students of class 6 receive the best possible After School worK (ASK) assistance.

How AMS Ensures One-on-One Tuition for Class 6 Students

At AfterMySchool, with the help of customised learning plans for Class 6 CBSE & State Boards Students, we ensure that every child gets the personal attention they need while studying. The Discover Program helps us understand the gaps in the concepts of each individual  Class 6 (CBSE & State Boards) student. We create a plan at the end of the Discover Program specific to the Class 6 Student and their syllabus, concept gaps, strengths and weaknesses. This customised plan is followed strictly and the same is ensured through constant communication between the academic team, tutors, students and parents.


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Discover Program is very useful. The Concept Evaluation Test (CET) which AMS conducted to assess the gaps in the concepts of the subjects of my child gave me an accurate report. After My School is helping my child to complete all the after school work and ensures all the concepts are clarified. I am satisfied with the performance of my child..

M. Divya Sai Bhavana

Center: AS Rao Nagar 1 | Parent: Soujanya K D

Satisfied with AMS till now. Discover Program and the Concept Evaluation Test (CET) is very useful and good for our information, so that the conceptual gaps which are identified can be worked on. .

J Sujay

Center: W. Marredpally | Parent: Vani Sree