Online Tuition

Tuitions services that AMS provides

Schools have certain expectations from parents and students which include daily revision, homework and studying. It is not easy to keep up with all of this. After My School, promises to take the COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY of your child’s After School worK (ASK) by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance and exam preparation. We have a 10 day DISCOVER program to help you and your children understand and get accustomed with how After My School works. At the end of the DISCOVER program we create a Student Academic Plan (SAP) with target marks/grades clearly specified and agreed upon with the parents, and we are the only ones who work with an improved marks/grades target in mind.

Advantages of Online Tuitions

  1. Flexibility of Time & Place
    Online classes allow for the child to attend classes from the comfort of their own home at a convenient time. Online class also allows for the tutor to be available at various times through the day to the students to clear doubts, assist with homework or for exam preparation. Children do not have to abide by a rigid schedule to keep up with their studies and can follow a schedule that is convenient to them and their parents.
  2. Quality Control & Monitoring of Classes
    Online classes allow After My School to maintain records of all the classes and make sure that the tutor provides the students with the best possible tuition, homework assistance and revision. It allows for our experts to observe the learning habits of the students better which in turn helps us teach them better. Online classes also help the parents to monitor classes and understand how their children are studying. This helps with feedback, both from the parents to the tutors and vice versa.
  3. Easy Access to Study Material & Assignments
    Another advantage with online education is the availability of study material and assignments online. All the study material is documented and shared with the students through Google Classroom and the records are maintained as well. This allows for the students to be able to access the study material and assignments whenever the need be, making it convenient for both students and tutors to keep tabs and maintain all such documents and material without any hassle.
  4. Increased Tutor – Student Time
    One of the biggest advantages of online classes is the increased time for one on one interaction between students and tutors. Not only are the tutors available to the students at various times for any assistance they may need with their school work but with the help of breakout rooms and other such applications the students get more one on one live interaction with their tutors.



After My School works with highly trained tutors equipped to help students with daily tuition, revision, homework and exam preparation in all subjects for all syllabi (CBSE, ICSE, SSC) for classes 4th – 10th. With the help of leading experts in the field After My School has developed standardised teaching methodologies to make sure our students receive the best possible After School worK (ASK) assistance.

How AMS Tuitions work

The After My School Ecosystem is based on 6 main pillars supported by the constant guiding presence of the Mentor Tutor who will help your child every step of the way with their After School worK (ASK). The 6 pillars are:

  1. Live Interaction
    AfterMySchool offers live interaction for one hour at a fixed time that is convenient for the student. This includes group and one on one learning through breakout rooms. Each virtual centre has students from only one class at any given time.
  2. Revision
    The AfterMySchool promise includes adequate revision. We accomplish this through worksheets, assignments and creative teaching.
  3. Concept Building
    Concepts are a central part of learning. AfterMySchool helps children build these concepts. We achieve this in three ways. These include quizzes that keep children on their feet. We use videos to explain concepts through the visual medium. We provide specialized subject classes.
  4. Assessments
    A crucial part of learning is understanding your strong points and weak points. AfterMySchool accomplishes this through two methods. The first is our Concept Evaluation Tests. In these tests, we evaluate the gaps in the child’s learning. Our second method is Chapter Wise Tests. These are tests created by AfterMySchool to check the child’s understanding of a chapter.
  5. Exam Preparation
    Exams are a source of stress for parents and students. While it is impossible to get rid of the stress, we can reduce it. AfterMySchool does this for CBSE, ICSE and SSC students. AfterMySchool provides access to experts that helped write the papers. We use model papers prepared by professionals to prepare children for the real exam.
  6. Feedback
    Assessing a child is not enough. The parents of the child must also stay informed on their child’s progress. For this reason, we create Monthly Feedback Reports. These reports keep parents informed as much as they can be. We share the Academic Plan of the student with the parents. This keeps parents aware of the child’s education. We also have a dedicated Relationship manager to help bridge the gap between parent and tutor.

Watch to learn more about out DISCOVER Program


Poshika Juneja

Name of student: Poshika Juneja

– Class: 8

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonia Juneja

– City of Stay: Panchkula

AMS online tuition is very helpful! The concept of evaluation and test to assess the child’s gaps in the concepts of each subject and gave me an accurate record of my child progress. My child has shown improvement in all subjects. AMS is helping my child to complete all the after-school work and clarify all her doubts. I  am very happy with the performance of my child!

Poshika Juneja

Vanshika Khandelwal

Name of student: Vanshika Khandelwal

– Class: 5

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonika Khandelwal

– City of Stay: Dahod

AMS is providing safe classes for kids along with the preparation for exams. This is a very nice and impressive class! 

Vanshika Khandelwal

Archit Bajpai

Name -Archit Bajpai.             


Parent’s name- Mrs. Anshu Bajpai.        

City- Mumbai          

AfterMySchool is a second home for my child. The tutor is very kind, lovely and cooperative with all students. All organization members are very punctual and sincere. Teaching methods are very supportive and efficient!

Archit Bajpai

Nikunj Rathi

Name of Student: Nikunj Rathi

Class: 10th 

Parents’ Names: Mr. Ghanshyam Das Rathi & Mrs. Rupa Rathi

Place of Stay: Hyderabad

Nikunj has been a part of AfterMySchool for 5 months now and we have seen an improvement in his grades all because of AMS!

Nikunj Rathi

Nami & Namith Biju

Name of students – Nami & Namith Biju

Class: 4 & 7

Parents’ Name- Mrs. Smruthi Biju

City of Stay- Bangalore

After AMS my childrens’ interaction in class has improved a lot. Their conceptual analysis skills have improved as well!

Nami & Namith Biju