Class 6 Social Studies

How AMS Teaches Social Studies

Live quizzes, daily revision, assignments, tests, and tuition keep students of class 6 sharp, alert, and attentive. This also helps them understand social concepts with ease and do well in their exams as well. From Class 6 all students read history as a component of Social Sciences. This component has been devised in a way that would help students develop a historical sensibility and awareness of the significance of history. Geography is an integral component of social science. At this stage learners are introduced to the basic concepts necessary for understanding the world in which they live. At the elementary stage, the idea is to introduce students to various aspects of political, social and economic life. This will be done through a preliminary focus on certain key concepts, knowledge of which is essential to understand the functioning of Indian democracy.

Chapters we Cover in Social Studies

  1. History
    • When, Where & How
    • The Earliest Societies
    • The First Farmers & Herders
    • The First Cities
    • Different Ways of Life
    • Early States
    • New Ideas
    • The First Empire
    • Life in Towns & Villages
    • Contact with Distant Lands
    • Political Developments
    • Culture & Science
  2. Geography
    • Planet
    • Globe
    • Maps
    • Four Realms of the Earth
    • Major Relief Features of the Earth
    • India in the World
  3. Social & Political Life
    • Diversity
    • Government
    • Local Government
    • Making a Living


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Discover Program is very useful. The Concept Evaluation Test (CET) which AMS conducted to assess the gaps in the concepts of the subjects of my child gave me an accurate report. After My School is helping my child to complete all the after school work and ensures all the concepts are clarified. I am satisfied with the performance of my child..

M. Divya Sai Bhavana

Center: AS Rao Nagar 1 | Parent: Soujanya K D

Satisfied with AMS till now. Discover Program and the Concept Evaluation Test (CET) is very useful and good for our information, so that the conceptual gaps which are identified can be worked on. .

J Sujay

Center: W. Marredpally | Parent: Vani Sree