The ASK (After School worK) system is tailor-made and customised to fit the students’ academic needs


This method is used to lay the foundation of learning and encourage students’ to adopt effective study methods


Our academic team and tutors work together to design and create assignments that are best suited to the student’s needs

ASK (After School worK) Program

Schools have certain expectations from parents and students which include daily revision, homework and studying. It is not easy to keep up with all of this. After My School, promises to take the COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY of your child’s After School worK (ASK) by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance and exam preparation.

The ASK Program Includes:

  • Daily online tuition classes with Live Interaction
  • Concept Evaluation Test (CET)
  • Student Academic Plan (SAP)
  • Set Improvement Targets for Marks/Grades
  • Chapter Wise Test (CWT)
  • Monthly Feedback Report (MFR)
  • Access to customised teaching tools designed by tutor mentors and academic team
  • ASK Diary to maintain log of assignments, homework, revision, progress

Salient Features of the ASK Program:

  • Daily online tuition classes with live interaction, homework assistance, revision and assessments
  • Highly trained tutors equipped to help students with daily tuition, revision, homework and exam preparation. With the help of leading experts in the field After My School has developed standardised teaching methodologies to make sure our students receive the best possible After School worK (ASK) assistance.
  • Introduction Meeting with student, parents, tutor and a member of our academic team to help counsel the student and parents and welcome them into the AMS Family
  • Concept Evaluation Tests (CETs) are conducted to understand the students’ clarity of concepts regarding English, Maths, and Science
  • Student Academic Plan (SAP) with the help of the evaluated CETs and the 10 days of online tuition classes the tutor mentor and academic team prepare a customised student academic plan with targetted grades/marks
  • Student Academic Plan Meeting (SAPM) is conducted at the end of the 10 days along with the student, parents, tutor and academic team to plan and decide the study plan for the student which will help them do their very best academically
  • ASK Diary access is given to the student to maintain all progress, homework, revision, assignments etc. establishing a continuous contact and interaction with the tutors
  • Chapter Wise Tests (CWTs) are conducted at the end of each chapter to evaluate how well the student has understood the chapter
  • Monthly Feedback Reports (MFRs) are shared with the parents to give feedback on the progress of the student
  • Access to Customised Teaching Tools such as videos, worksheets, exercises, written work and tests is given to the students
  • Guaranteed improvement in marks/grades


Poshika Juneja

Name of student: Poshika Juneja

– Class: 8

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonia Juneja

– City of Stay: Panchkula

AMS online tuition is very helpful! The concept of evaluation and test to assess the child’s gaps in the concepts of each subject and gave me an accurate record of my child progress. My child has shown improvement in all subjects. AMS is helping my child to complete all the after-school work and clarify all her doubts. I  am very happy with the performance of my child!

Poshika Juneja

Vanshika Khandelwal

Name of student: Vanshika Khandelwal

– Class: 5

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonika Khandelwal

– City of Stay: Dahod

AMS is providing safe classes for kids along with the preparation for exams. This is a very nice and impressive class! 

Vanshika Khandelwal

Archit Bajpai

Name -Archit Bajpai.             


Parent’s name- Mrs. Anshu Bajpai.        

City- Mumbai          

AfterMySchool is a second home for my child. The tutor is very kind, lovely and cooperative with all students. All organization members are very punctual and sincere. Teaching methods are very supportive and efficient!

Archit Bajpai

Nikunj Rathi

Name of Student: Nikunj Rathi

Class: 10th 

Parents’ Names: Mr. Ghanshyam Das Rathi & Mrs. Rupa Rathi

Place of Stay: Hyderabad

Nikunj has been a part of AfterMySchool for 5 months now and we have seen an improvement in his grades all because of AMS!

Nikunj Rathi

Nami & Namith Biju

Name of students – Nami & Namith Biju

Class: 4 & 7

Parents’ Name- Mrs. Smruthi Biju

City of Stay- Bangalore

After AMS my childrens’ interaction in class has improved a lot. Their conceptual analysis skills have improved as well!

Nami & Namith Biju

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    Does AfterMySchool provide notes for students to refer to?
    No. AfterMySchool does not provide any study material or notes to a student. As per our research we have learnt that children should be encouraged to make their own notes and study material as it helps with the learning process. AfterMySchool guides the student to use the material which already exists with the student, either from the textbook or the material given by school. However, we do use specially designed teaching material to teach students in the classroom which makes learning of concepts easy for your child.
    Does AfterMySchool have a special examination preparation schedule?

    Yes, at AfterMySchool we have an Exam Preparation Model to address the FINAL EXAMS of students. By understanding the areas in which the students will need additional help and concept clarity ( during the 10 day DISCOVER program )and discussing and agreeing with you on a customized Student Exam Prep Plan we implement the plan daily during exam season through or specialized portal through:

    • Daily Practice worksheets
    • Model Exam Papers
    • Pro Exam Tips
    • Continuous Revision & Concept Clarity
    • Mock Exams

    In this manner, AfterMySchool reviews and alters the revision plan which is already in place to accommodate the examination preparation. The same is done keeping in mind the needs of all students in the class.

    How frequently are students assessed?
    Students are assessed on a regular basis through CHAPTER-WISE TESTS, QUIZZES and other ASSESSMENTS. Practice worksheets are shared daily with the students to apply and assess their understanding of the concept taught that day.
    Does AfterMySchool follow what is being taught in the school?
    It depends on the grade of the student. For primary grades, AfterMySchool follows the school as closely as possible so that the homework, test preparation etc. is done on a regular basis. For middle and secondary grades, AfterMySchool draws up a plan which thoroughly covers their entire syllabus. However, here too, the attempt is to match as much as possible with the school.
    Does AfterMySchool help with homework?
    Yes, for primary grades. For middle school and high school, the student is expected to complete his homework before AfterMySchool class and ask doubts, if any, during the class with respect to the same.
    Will there be an immediate improvement in my child’s report card?
    Instant results in any endeavour are impossible, especially if you want good long lasting results – then one has to be patient. It takes couple of months for the student to adjust to the routine of concept based learning of AfterMySchool especially if the child is used to learning by rote. The improvement in the report card will definitely be visible after 4 to 6 months. Regularity of attendance is critical for any improvement in the results. We definitely have seen immediate improvement with some students who have attended classes regularly and followed our system precisely.
    How long are classes?

    AfterMySchool takes complete responsibility for the child’s After School worK (ASK). In our experience we have found that the following classes need to study for the following amount of time:

    • 3rd – 5th grade: 1.00 and 1.30 hours daily
    • 6th – 8th grade – 1.30 to 2.00 hours daily
    • 9th & 10th Class: 2.30 to 3.00 hours daily needed

    AfterMySchool takes the responsibility for all of these hours. We divide the time in the following way:

    • Live Interaction session – 1 hour for a fixed time daily
    • Homework completion on own and uploaded on AfterMySchool App before coming to class
    • Worksheets, Assignments etc given on the AfterMySchool App based on areas where the child needs practice. The amount of work given is based on the gaps in your child’s learning.

    Does AfterMySchool teach all subjects?

    At AfterMySchool, we handle the following subjects for various classes

    • 3rd – 8th grade – Maths, Science, Social Studies, English
    • 9th & 10th grade – Maths, Science & Social Studies

    This has been decided based on the time we have with the child every day and also the different needs of each level of schooling as per the curriculum and our own research.

    How does AfterMySchool complete the syllabus in time for the exams?
    If your child joins at the beginning of the academic year, our academic plan is designed to complete the entire syllabus. In fact, we will have ample time to even revise the entire syllabus before the term end exams. However, if your child has joined in the middle of the term, we try to make a plan which completes the syllabus in the best possible manner. In such cases, AfterMySchool may request parents’ support in completing the syllabus if the duration is very short.
    How do you evaluate student progress at AfterMySchool?

    At AfterMySchool we use various tools and methods to evaluate students based on their academics. These include:

    • CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) – in English, Maths, and Science which are conducted once the student joins our DISCOVER Program. These tests help evaluate the status of the student’s
    • Conceptual clarity CWTs (Chapter-Wise Tests) – these tests are designed by our academic team and conducted by tutors after they cover a chapter to understand and analyze the student’s understanding of the chapter and concepts
    • Assignments/Worksheets – The students are given regular assignments and worksheets to practice what they have learnt and to see how much or how well they have understood what has been taught.

    How is AfterMySchool teaching plan customised to my child?
    Our learning system and modules are tailor-made and customized specifically based on the student’s requirements. We assure this with the help of CETs (Concept Evaluation Tests) and the Discover Program to understand the learning style, conceptual clarity, and understanding of the student. Based on this, we create a customized Student Academic Plan (SAP) with our expert academic team which includes targeted improvement in marks/grades. This helps us make sure each student experiences the learning journey that is perfect for them based on their specific requirements.
    My child needs extra attention in one subject? How is it possible to do that in a class which has 5 children?
    Our research suggests that most children learn better in small homogenous groups, rather than studying alone. However, based on our analysis after the DISCOVER program, we work identify certain focus subjects as per your child’s needs. The focus subjects are identified and agreed upon with you and the tutor focuses on these subjects along with the general revision of all other subjects as well. The mode of teaching is highly interactive, which encourages all children to derive answers on their own instead of being spoon fed. This leads to a better conceptual clarity and hence, better marks.
    How does AfterMySchool help students who need extra attention?
    AfterMySchool engages all students with appropriate and adequate attention paid to the studies of each student based on their needs. With the help of time tables, assignments, practice sheets and other tools we ensure each child receives the exact amount of attention they need.
    What if a student wants to cover previous chapters/classes along with the present classes?
    The Student Academic Plan made at the time of admission primarily focuses on the chapters which are remaining to be taught in the curriculum. We do clarify doubts of previous chapters and ensure there are no concept gaps. Apart from this, separate concept classes which are done every week are utilized to cover the concepts which the child has missed.