Class 5 Maths

How AMS Teaches Maths

Live quizzes, daily revision, assignments, tests and tuition keep students of Class 5 sharp, alert and attentive. These help them understand and apply mathematical concepts with ease and do well in their exams as well. The underlying philosophy of the course for Class 5 is to develop the child as being confident and competent in doing mathematics, having the foundations to learn more and developing an interest in doing mathematics. The focus in Class 5 is not on giving complicated arithmetic and numerical calculations, but to develop a sense of estimation and an understanding of mathematical ideas. Concepts and ideas generally should be arrived at from observing patterns, exploring them and then trying to define them in their own words.

Chapters we Cover in Maths

  1. Geometry
    • Shapes & Spatial Understanding
  2. Numbers
    • Numbers & Operations
    • Mental Arithmetic
    • Fractional Numbers
  3. Money
  4. Measurement
    • Length
    • Weight
    • Volume
    • Time
  5. Data Handling
  6. Patterns


After My School works with highly trained tutors equipped to help students with daily tuition, revision, homework and exam preparation in maths for all syllabi (CBSE, ICSE, SSC) for class 5. With the help of leading experts in the field After My School has developed standardised teaching methodologies to make sure our students receive the best possible After School worK (ASK) assistance with maths for class 5.

For more information please call us: 9177008888.

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Discover Program is very useful. The Concept Evaluation Test (CET) which AMS conducted to assess the gaps in the concepts of the subjects of my child gave me an accurate report. After My School is helping my child to complete all the after school work and ensures all the concepts are clarified. I am satisfied with the performance of my child..

M. Divya Sai Bhavana

Center: AS Rao Nagar 1 | Parent: Soujanya K D

Satisfied with AMS till now. Discover Program and the Concept Evaluation Test (CET) is very useful and good for our information, so that the conceptual gaps which are identified can be worked on. .

J Sujay

Center: W. Marredpally | Parent: Vani Sree