We conduct a test (CET) to help determine the students’ concept clarity and where they need improvement.


The tutor and academic team prepare a customised student academic plan with targetted grades/marks


To help students understand and get accustomed with the After My School Ecosystem and learning method

At After My School we have a FREE 3-Day DISCOVER program to help you and your children understand and get accustomed with how After My School works and to become a part of our AMS Ecosystem and Family.

The Discover Program Includes:

3 Days of Online Tuition Classes with Live Interaction

Concept Evaluation Test

Student Academic Plan

Set Improvement Targets for Marks/Grades
Cute asian girl enjoying her study ,reading book prepare on her exam

Salient Features of the Discover Program​

  • 3-Day Program to help students understand and get accustomed with the After My School Ecosystem and learning method
  • Introduction Meeting with student, parents, tutor and a member of our academic team to help counsel the student and parents and welcome them into the AMS Family
  • Expert tutor mentors and academic team willing to guide students to achieve their full academic potential
  • Concept Evaluation Tests (CETs) are conducted to understand the students’ clarity of concepts regarding English, Maths, and Science
  • Student Academic Plan (SAP) with the help of the evaluated CETs and the 3 days of online tuition classes the tutor mentor and academic team prepare a customised student academic plan with targetted grades/marks
  • Student Academic Plan Meeting (SAPM) is conducted at the end of the 1 Week along with the student, parents, tutor and academic team to plan and decide the study plan for the student which will help them do their very best academically



Poshika Juneja

Name of student: Poshika Juneja

– Class: 8

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonia Juneja

– City of Stay: Panchkula

AMS online tuition is very helpful! The concept of evaluation and test to assess the child’s gaps in the concepts of each subject and gave me an accurate record of my child progress. My child has shown improvement in all subjects. AMS is helping my child to complete all the after-school work and clarify all her doubts. I  am very happy with the performance of my child!

Poshika Juneja

Vanshika Khandelwal

Name of student: Vanshika Khandelwal

– Class: 5

– Parent’s Name: Mrs. Sonika Khandelwal

– City of Stay: Dahod

AMS is providing safe classes for kids along with the preparation for exams. This is a very nice and impressive class! 

Vanshika Khandelwal

Archit Bajpai

Name -Archit Bajpai.             


Parent’s name- Mrs. Anshu Bajpai.        

City- Mumbai          

AfterMySchool is a second home for my child. The tutor is very kind, lovely and cooperative with all students. All organization members are very punctual and sincere. Teaching methods are very supportive and efficient!

Archit Bajpai

Nikunj Rathi

Name of Student: Nikunj Rathi

Class: 10th 

Parents’ Names: Mr. Ghanshyam Das Rathi & Mrs. Rupa Rathi

Place of Stay: Hyderabad

Nikunj has been a part of AfterMySchool for 5 months now and we have seen an improvement in his grades all because of AMS!

Nikunj Rathi

Nami & Namith Biju

Name of students – Nami & Namith Biju

Class: 4 & 7

Parents’ Name- Mrs. Smruthi Biju

City of Stay- Bangalore

After AMS my childrens’ interaction in class has improved a lot. Their conceptual analysis skills have improved as well!

Nami & Namith Biju

If you are interested in learning about our ASK (After School worK) Program please click here.

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Does AfterMySchool have a demo class?
Demo classes in tuition actually do not serve any purpose – It will take 2 to 3 days for your child and tutor to understand each other and to get comfortable with each other. You will not get any idea of this from a 1-hour demo class. However, with our experience, we have a specially designed 6 – Day DISCOVER Program instead of a demo class. It promotes the student-tutor interaction for 6 days instead of one. It is a more extensive way of interaction. You and your child will get to know more about the AfterMySchool system and AfterMySchool also gets to know where you child stands, what their conceptual gaps are and what kind of a learning style is more suitable for your child. That helps us in making a proper plan for the development of your child and to allocate the ideal Tutor/Center to your child.
How to enroll in the DISCOVER Program?

The simplest way to enroll for the 6-day DISCOVER program is as follows:

  • Choose the start date, the program will go on for one calendar week (including Sunday) after that day – for example, if you start on a Tuesday, the program will end on the next Monday.
  • Choose a suitable time slot for the Live Interaction Class of your child – this should be a time when they are free everyday for at least an hour.
  • Fill up the registration form – the link for which will be sent by the AfterMySchool counsellor to you.
  • The Payment link will be sent once the form is filled
  • Complete the payment – through your preferred payment method

You’re ready!

Why no demo classes? I want one free trial class at least? How can I just trust you without a free trial class?

AfterMySchool does not have demo classes because:

  1. Our system is rather unique and a demo class does not do justice to it – that is why we have designed a program of 6 DAYS which is only Rs. 500 – to understand our system properly
  2. Just from one or two classes the child and parents can’t get accustomed to the system and the tutor and academic team don’t get a chance to understand your child’s needs either

If you would like though – we record all our classes for the purposes of quality control – We can share some videos with you so you can have a look and see how our classes work.