Preparation for Online Tuition Classes

How AfterMySchool Classes are Different From all Other Online Classes

In a world with no shortage of options for online classes and tuition, you need something different and effective to give your child the best. So why is AfterMySchool your best option?


Our classes have tutor-student interaction through video classes. Here, students can ask their doubts and learn new topics.

Model papers, Practice sheets and Worksheets:

We provide model papers, worksheets and practice sheets made by experts in the education industry. These help your child practice their writing skills as well as their exam writing.

Explanatory Videos:

In case interactive classes weren’t enough, we also provide videos to explain concepts with more visual effects to help the topics sink in.


We also give children homework along with our online classes. This means AfterMySchool handles all academic responsibilities of parents.

All Subjects:

We provide tuitions for all subjects at AfterMySchool as we believe all subjects are interconnected and need to be taught together. This means parents need not worry about teaching children subjects that they are not comfortable teaching.


In the current scenario, saving money is important. AfterMySchool provides high-quality classes at much lower prices than other companies.

The DISCOVER Program:

The DISCOVER Program is AfterMySchool’s unique 10-day trial program, through which your child’s learning style will be assessed through a process created by experts. Then a Specialized Academic Plan is made to help your child improve his academic journey.

Time Table:

The time table helps both parents and students. It helps parents to keep in touch with what their child is learning during their classes and it helps the child come more prepared for the class, making learning easier.

I hope this blog has helped you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your child’s online tuition. We, at AfterMySchool, promise a unique and fulfilling experience for your child. Please consider joining our DISCOVER Program.

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