CBSE Exams: Best Tips to Study For CBSE English Exams

Exam time is a time of stress for many kids. There are so many subjects to revise and study but not enough time to study them. Most subjects cannot be learnt the same way as others. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to help you prepare for CBSE English exams.

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Prepare a Time Table:

CBSE English is a subject with many textbooks (Depending on your class) and a lot of divisions (literature, grammar, writing etc). This makes it very simple to stay organized while studying. You could divide your work based on the divisions, you could divide it based on how much writing you feel like doing in one day or even how much reading you can do in one day.

Read Aloud:

Many a time, while reading a story from a textbook, certain parts tend to go over the head of a student. This is why I recommend reading aloud, to ensure that every word is processed by your mind in two senses: both physical and oral.


When learning a language, studying can come with a dose of fun as well. Whether it is enacting the stories in the textbook, writing about topics you have an interest in or even immersing yourself in the story of the lesson that you are studying.

As all things studying is simplest when it is enjoyed because it feels less like work and more like fun. I cannot promise you won’t have a post studying headache after it, but this definitely reduces the odds of the headache happening.

I sincerely hoped that this blog has helped you get prepared for your coming CBSE English exam. Using these tips and tricks you can get better grades almost instantly. If these tips still aren’t what you are looking for, you can always contact AfterMySchool and start your journey with us to help you improve your grade.

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