CBSE Exams: Best Tips to Study For CBSE Science

Exam time is a time of stress for many kids. There are so many subjects to revise and study but not enough time to study them. Most subjects cannot be learnt the same way as others. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips to help you prepare for CBSE Science exams.

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Prepare a Time Table:

CBSE Science is a subject with many disciplines (i.e Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and a large syllabus that come under Sciences. This makes it both important and easy to stay organized while preparing for your science exam.

You can divide your studying by discipline or simply based on the chapters you like or don’t like.

Memory Tricks:

Certain parts of Science cannot be learnt but must instead be memorized. These could be the elements of the periodic table, various chemical reactions, different formulae or the various types of cells of the human body.

There are several such methods to memorizing important information:

  • Mnemonic devices
  • Diagrams
  • Making up Songs

Prepare Short Notes:

Reading the textbook is an essential part of studying and will definitely help you improve your knowledge and understanding of the subject, but to truly internalize all the concepts taught in class and the textbook, you have to also take notes. These notes could be from the textbook or taken while the teacher is teaching. These can also be looked over later to revise concepts in your own language without the sometimes, unnecessary inclusions of the textbook.

I sincerely hoped that this blog has helped you get prepared for your coming Science exam. Using these tips and tricks you can get better grades almost instantly. If these tips still aren’t what you are looking for, you can always contact AfterMySchool and start your journey with us to help you improve your grade.

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