Online Tutoring; Offline Tutoring: Various Types of Tutoring Available to Children

Studying in school is not enough, tutoring is essential and in the present world, there are many options for tuition instead of the one size fits all method used long ago. These options of tutoring are offline tutoring, online tutoring, and coaching.

Online Tutoring, Offline Tutoring: Variety in tuition!

Offline Tuition:

Offline tuition and vanilla ice cream have a lot of things in common. They are the base for all other forms of tutoring or ice cream, they are both the safest choice when you’re not sure about the other options and they do their job satisfactorily.

The only real problem with offline tuition is that in the current world where the virus seems to govern our lives, sending our children out is a risk to their life. So this type of tutoring has been paused indefinitely by many tutors and parents alike. 

Not to mention, that online tuition has way more advantages – more viable, the flexibility of timing, reasonable fees, access to tutors and peers from different parts of the country – just a few among many more.

Online Tutoring:

During the sad decline of offline tuitions, online tuition burst onto the scene to save the day. They have been a knight in shining armour for tutors, parents and students alike.

While it is impossible to master or perfect any form of teaching, we here at AfterMySchool believe that we almost have perfected our system since our sudden switch to online classes. With over 200 students and over 20 centres spanning from classes 4th to 10th taught in many syllabi and languages, we have created quite the community of learning and teaching.

Online/Offline Coaching:

Coaching goes against the very spirit of what tuitions are, as they do not teach all subjects or even a group of subjects in their entirety. Instead, they choose to focus on one topic or competitive exam and prepare the students for only those.

There are many problems with this form of tutoring for the average parent. It does not allow the child to be well versed in all subjects, which drops the overall grade of the child as well as, the child’s understanding of basic, important topics taught in subjects that aren’t covered in the coaching.

These are the three types of tutoring that are prevalent in India. We sincerely hope this has helped you in making your decision over which tuition to enroll your child in.

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