CBSE Exams: Tips to Ace Your Exams!

If you have ever found yourself searching – How to ace my CBSE Exams? How to Improve my grades in CBSE? How can I do better in my academics? – Then this is the right post for you!

“The will to win is important, yet the will to prepare is critical” – Vincent Lombardi

These words said by Vincent Lombardi were said to his team of American football players but they have equal significance to the bi-monthly ritual of prayers, tears, and headaches otherwise known as exams.

CBSE Exams: Ace your Exams

Tips to Ace Your CBSE Exams!

Exams can be divided into two distinct phases: preparing and writing.


Preparation is arguably the more important of the two phases. This is where students learn the topics and memorize what can be memorized.

Take breaks:

Taking breaks is essential. It allows the material to sink in. It also relaxes the mind.

Study daily:

Studying daily and not only before exams, reduces the load and stress of exams. To learn more about this, you can read our other blog on this topic.


Tuitions provide a second avenue of learning to students and allows them to learn at their own pace. AfterMySchool provides well structured online tuitions. To learn more about the types of tuitions, you can read our other blog on the topic.

Practice writing answers:

This can be done through practice sheets and mock papers. Finding these can be difficult. This is another place AfterMySchool comes in, we provide mock papers made by experts in the field of education, some of whom have written board exam papers.


This is the last hurdle, the final lap, IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.

Forgive me, it seems I have regressed to speaking in song lyrics. The point still remains, you can prepare all you want, it doesn’t matter if you cannot do this last step properly. Here are some tips for exam day.

Stay calm:

Nerves are the enemy of a good exam. If you are more focused on how difficult the exam is than the actual exam, it becomes difficult to write the exam.

Check your stationery:

I am a careless person. I cannot count the number of times I have run out of ink during an exam. The immense amount of panic that runs through the system is unbelievable. Take it from an expert, check your stationery.

I hope these tips have helped you in the writing and preparation of your exams. 

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